Part of our Wave Data Protection Suite; used with Discoverer

Formerly "Safend Inspector"

In a mobile world, endpoint security is the only security

Virtually every other so-called solution to data loss sits on a fixed gateway—as if there’s a wall around your data. How quaint! Thanks to mobile devices, email, and the like, the wall is gone. The Wave alternative is to sit at the endpoint: protecting your laptops, tablets and smartphones. Our Inspector product goes wherever they go. On or off the company network, whether sent inside the organization or outside to a partner … it doesn’t matter. If someone goes home and tries to upload company data to Facebook using the company laptop, Inspector will stop or warn them.

Control exactly who can do what

Inspector lets you decide which people and which data need minding, and which can have more freedom. First you define which data you consider sensitive—for example, patient names or credit card numbers. Then you define how each class of information is going to be controlled when it tries to leave a machine, whether by email, third-party app, Cloud storage like Dropbox, memory stick … the whole range of danger points. Inspector will block, encrypt or warn about any transfer—or not, depending on who’s trying to do it.

Don’t spend too much

Inspector is the most affordable endpoint solution, by far. Well, there is only one other endpoint monitoring product anything like ours: it’s by Symantec. We think it’s absurdly expensive. Contact a Wave sales rep for the numbers.

Key Features: 

Easy security compliance

  • Preconfigured security policies address specific compliance standards, such as PCI, HIPAA, and Basel-II
  • Detailed logs and reports on security incidents and administrative actions

Data protection

  • Enforces a data-centric security policy across multiple channels, whether the machine is connected to your organization’s network or a home network, or used offline; add more channels on demand using Application Data Access Control
  • Multi-tiered anti-tampering capabilities guarantee permanent control over your endpoints
  • Security policies can force users to justify questionable actions and thereby avoid potential harm
  • Content-aware data labeling and encryption for email means classified emails and attachments are clearly labeled as such and encrypted if necessary


  • Automatically synchronizes with Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory
  • The whole Data Protection Suite is based on the same agent, so if you start with one or two products and want to add another, all you need to do is apply the new license

No compromises

  • Unlike competing products, Inspector—and the rest of the Data Protection Suite—was built entirely in-house, not with third-party components, for better usability and system stability
  • Multiple data identification techniques can be combined to fine-tune control in a way that won’t disrupt legitimate business. Select users can classify information, providing IT with feedback on accuracy of its data classifications.

Mobile Data Protection

  • Helps prevent the spread of sensitive data to unapproved mobile devices
  • Allows IT to control mobile device enrollment process and limit number of devices per user
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone – the mobile devices your employees are most likely to show up to work with