Part of our Wave Data Protection Suite; complements ERAS

Formerly "Safend Encryptor"

Self-encrypting drives are coming, but in the meantime ...

Self-encrypting hard drives are the future, but most companies can’t get there overnight. Even so, your organization may be legally required to encrypt sensitive data.

Encryptor gets you through the transition. It encrypts drives that can’t do the job themselves, and does it automatically. It also logs the fact in a central database. That’s proof of compliance—no need to disclose that lost laptop full of social security numbers, because no one can read them.

Encrypt in 2 hours, without wrecking your machines

Encryptor is fast, smart, and careful. Most encryption software blindly encrypts everything, including the operating system and program fields. It takes forever: 8 or more hours for each laptop or desktop. Worse, encrypting an operating system is dicey. Sometimes the machine turns into a brick (oops).

Our solution is simple: don’t encrypt the operating system. Encryptor knows the difference between user and system content. That mean less encryption time: 2 to 4 hours max. And no bricks.

Your end users will never know the difference

Encryptor’s m.o. means encryption and decryption hardly touch your machines’ performance. But also, competing products force everyone to get used to a new login screen. With Encryptor, you can still log in just once, using the same old Windows interface. Your people will literally never know that there’s a new authentication process in place. This keeps things simple for the help desk too: no need for special password recovery procedures.

Key Features: 

Easy security compliance

  • Detailed logs and reports on security incidents, encryption status, and administrative actions

Data protection

  • Multi-tiered anti-tampering capabilities
  • Automatically synchronizes with Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory
  • Encryption keys are centrally generated and securely stored on the server before encryption is initialized


  • Windows login: no end-user training
  • Generic AD domain password reset process
  • Scalable to manage more than 75,000 agents; add more servers seamlessly
  • The whole Data Protection Suite is based on the same agent, so if you start with one or two products and want to add another, all you need to do is apply the new license

No compromises

  • Unlike competing products, Encryptor—and the rest of the Data Protection Suite—is built entirely in-house, not with third-party components, for better usability and system stability
  • Machine performance is maintained by avoiding encryption and decryption of system or program files that do not require protection