Whitepaper: Network Security: How to Defend an Infinitely Expanding Frontier

The increasing use of home offices and laptops has put an ever-expanding number of users, data, devices and applications beyond the security of the traditional enterprise network firewall. At the same time, organizations – and their IT administrators – are held to increasingly higher standards of accountability for breaches in data and network security. Unfortunately, the traditional tools for network security have not adapted well to the rapid decentralization of the enterprise network. Conventional security methodologies based on passwords and software fail to effectively authenticate users and machines on the network or secure data on lost or stolen laptops, or ensure compliance with laws that require disclosure of lost personal data.

This paper will outline perhaps the most powerful, cost-effective and simple solution for bringing the scattered end-points of today’s mobile networks back under the umbrella of a strong centralized network security architecture. It is built on three widely available, proven – but poorly understood – technologies: Trusted Platform Modules, Self-Encrypting Hard Drives and centralized (or remote) security management. This paper will not only help readers distinguish myth from fact about these technologies but will also build a strong case for how their combined application can re-establish network security as an enforceable corporate policy, rather than a strategy

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