Support for Wave and Safend Products

Wave Customer Support

Wave is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional customer support.

Please begin by identifying the Wave package installed on your machine, then click on the appropriate package below. If you do not know what software package you have installed, please Click Here.

Please select your software package:

  1. EMBASSY Trust Suite (ETS)
  2. Dell ControlPoint (DCP)
  3. Dell Data Protection|Access (DDPA)
  4. EMBASSY Remote Administration Server (ERAS)
  5. EMBASSY Security Center (ESC)

If you are currently locked out of your computer please Click Here.

For a list of supported Self-encrypting Drives (SEDs) please Click Here.

Should you need further assistance, please complete a customer service request form at

The Wave Support team can be contacted directly at, however the completion of a customer service request form will be required for technical assistance.



Safend Customer Support

Safend is dedicated to providing its customers with the best support.

Contact the Safend support team at, or call:

APAC & EMEA: +972-3-644-2662 ext.122
AMERICAS: 1-888-225-9193

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