For a secure secondary, external, or replacement hard-drive in a business setting, CMS offers a complete line of Wave-compatible encrypted storage devices. These devices come with Wave’s EMBASSY Security Center (ESC) software pre-loaded, allowing easy integration into a managed security environment or use on an individual computer to ensure compliance.

Self-encrypting drives provide a high level of data protection, and with ESC are an easily managed solution to many common data loss problems. The drive is always encrypted, continuously scrambling data as it is written to the drive, and then descrambling the data with the key as the data is retrieved. The hardware-based encryption is handled in the drive so overall system performance is not affected. SEDs are easy and quick to redeploy by using 'Crypto-Erase' to render the data unreadable in seconds.

CMS CE Secure encrypted storage devices are developed under the Trusted Computing Group’s Opal standard, ensuring compatibility with the most up-to-date encryption standards. Additionally, CMS has attained FIPS 140-2 certifi­cation for all encrypted storage devices that they offer.

  1. All of the advantages of self-encrypting drives and Wave software are now applicable to external storage.
  2. FIPS 140-2 certification and other ESC features allow you to meet security compliance requirements.
  3. CMS Products are used throughout corporate enterprises, government agencies, healthcare and fi­nancial institutions as well as SMB and individual users.

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About CMS

Established in 1983, CMS Products,Inc. is a leading innovator in encryption and security technology for business, government, healthcare and ­financial institutions. CMS offers a full suite of data security products powered by the CE Secure data encryption Traveler application.

By developing leading edge, easy-to-use products that revolutionize the notebook and desktop endpoint data security, CMS has received global recognition because of its high quality, user-friendly, and highly secure product offerings.

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Supported Drives

SED Drive Modelsort icon Size SED Type Form Factor FIPS 140-2 Market Availability Firmware
CE-DVLTW-500 500GB Opal 1 USB Available
CE-DVLTWF-500 500GB Opal 1 USB Available
CE-DVLTWFU3-500 500GB Opal 1 USB Available
CE-DVLTWU3-500 500GB Opal 1 USB Available
CE-HDDFIPS-500 500GB Opal 1 USB Available
DEMB-500-WFIPS 500GB Opal 1 USB Y Available
DEMBS-256-SSD 256GB Opal 1 USB Available
DEMBS-500-W 500GB Opal 1 USB Available
DEMBS-500-WFIPS 500GB Opal 1 USB Y Available
DEMBS-512-SSD 512GB Opal 1 USB Available

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